Most Times Saying "I'll Have What She's Having" In 30 Seconds

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Marietta, Ohio, United States / November 19, 2010

Richie Fredericks said the phrase “I’ll have what she’s having” 45 times in 30 seconds. The phrase is a classic line taken from the film When Harry Met Sally[].

- each phrase must be audible


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  • United States caia domino

    caia domino

    Happy to hear this line again and again. I have watched this movie a lot of times and it is purely entertaining. I like the way it has been narrated and appreciate all the crew who worked for this movie. TechSariga

  • United States ivaan adam

    ivaan adam

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  • United States zaiya mariya

    zaiya mariya

    It was very interesting to watch this. photo editing services india I really like to read about the other one's achievements. I have also tried to say " I'll Have What She's Having" But I failed. I will keep trying for it.

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  • United States Hrf3990


    mine again

    • United States Krystal Sanders

      Krystal Sanders

      Hey Richie we'd love to talk to you on our Radio Show- whats your best contact details?

  • im gonna do itt!!!

  • United States Lindsey Weber

    Lindsey Weber

    Richie, I'm gonna GET YOU. Kidding, bravo.

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