Most Images Of Fish Sandwiches Looked At In One Minute

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New York City, New York, United States / February 11, 2009

Todd Lamb won back the title in a category he originally created by looking at 60 images of fish sandwiches in one minute, a new world record. His performace broke the previous record of 57 held by 91X Morning Show[] radio DJ Carlos Montoya.

Lamb was aided by his assistant Marcus Livesay, who prepared by donning surgical gloves and chugging a Jolt. The feat was achieved at a World Record Appreciation Society event on February 11, 2009 in New York City. Corey Henderson was on hand to document and count the images.

#WRAS03, #RecordSetterBook01

- must look at images one at a time
- must say "fish" while looking at each image


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