Fastest Time To Run Five Laps Around Two Passing Jugglers

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Edina, Minnesota, United States / July 3, 2012

Nadine Civitello completed five laps around two passing jugglers in 21.22 seconds.

- jugglers must be continuously juggling throughout attempt
- jugglers must pass clubs at a four-count tempo
- each lap must be a complete circuit of jugglers
- may not bump or disturb jugglers
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Nick Civitello

    Since the only rule is that they must be continuously juggling a 4 count, it doesn't matter how far apart they are. For that matter, they can even be standing back to back, so long as they are passing.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Excellent points, Zak. Since Nadine didn't stipulate any rules related to the distance of the jugglers, I think it's fair for the jugglers to be moved closer. Regarding a vague stop and start point, I think we should create a rule that future challengers in this category must lay down a straight piece of tape (or other such starting line) and clearly cross over it five times.

  • This record is not clear. How far were the jugglers from each other? Could someone try to break the record by placing the jugglers closer by 6 inches each? Also, each lap she counted was in a slightly different space because there was no tape that the viewer saw even if the runner knew where the exact spot. Just my thoughts.

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