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Fastest Time To Rip A Phone Book In Half

United States Michael Martin

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San Diego, California, United States / November 11, 2009

Michael Martin ripped a phone book in half in 1.06 seconds.

- phone book must have at least 800 pages
- every page must torn in half
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Daniel Nodal

    Daniel Nodal

    looks like kyle cook got destroyed several times with the gatorade record too.... ouch

  • United States Daniel Nodal

    Daniel Nodal

    hahaha well I'm sure we'll get a bigger one if that will make your whining stop... dude that kyle guy is old news..... how about trying to keep up with Michael Martin's records..... its a BROKEN record... next time make your criteria about how many pages your books are then good luck trying to prove it..... you too can rip 5 pages too?, haha good for you!!! KyleCookMrPhoneBook?..... LMAO

  • Vietnam SeanG123456789


    youre not even in the same league as KyleCookMrPhoneBook. this is highschool JV Kyle is Pro

  • Vietnam SeanG123456789


    i like how you dont show how thick the phonebook is.. i too can rip 5 pieces of paper in half too

  • HAHAA.. thanks for all the cool comments.. and then there is the doug guy.. it was one baby doug not babies

  • United States Paul Winger

    Paul Winger

    i've seen this guy rip babies in half in 2 seconds.. BABIES!!!

  • Vietnam SeanG123456789


    i filmed this!!!

  • You are awesome, congrats on your accomplishment and record....

  • Fantastic! What a man!

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