Longest Dicycle Ride

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Trexlertown, Pennsylvania, United States / August 31, 2012

Bob Swaim rode a seven-foot dicycle for one minute, 17.00 seconds. He set the record during an event at Valley Preferred Velodrome in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania.

- no outside assistance permitted
- dicycle must remain in forward movement for duration of attempt
- dicycle wheels must be at least seven feet in diameter
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Jim Avery

    Was not sure if you were including my dicycle in your count!? http://youtu.be/9-cUyUkBics

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Woah. A dicycle? We learn something new here every day! How common are these?

    • The Internet Bob Swaim

      Emily, one of two human powered in the United States Thanks for your interest in dicycle. Unlike a bicycle the dicycle has a wheel to the left and a wheel to the right rather than one in front and one in back as the bicycle. You know you have found something unique when the spellchecker labels it as misspelled.

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