Most Records Featured On URDB Frontpage

Most Records Featured On URDB Frontpage

United States Alex Cunningham

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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States / May 17, 2011

Alex Cunningham had three records featured simultaneously on the RecordSetterfrontpage.

- records must be featured simultaneously


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  • United States Tai Star

    Tai Star

    the front page is more expanded now... instead of on the frontpage should it be , in the top ten, or something like that.

    • United States Alex Cunningham

      Alex Cunningham

      Yeah, since the front page was changed I'm all for invalidating this record.

  • Canada Darryl Learie

    Darryl Learie

    I just had to laugh cause 2 of those records on the front page are mine - lol. Damn you beat me by one. Anyways - congrats :)

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