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Fastest Time To Recite The 66 Books Of The Bible In Order

United States

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Bayville, New Jersey, United States / November 26, 2014

Justin L. recited the 66 books of The Bible in order in 21.38 seconds.

- must recite books from memory; may not read from a book or list
must observe RecordSetter fast speech criteria
- must follow form of current record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States harry smith

    Not bad, you should share with us some latest and updated videos. Kindly let me know when you done. because i need to see your latest and good post. Click Here The Website Link luxury apartments in south mumbai

  • United States Bella Roberts

    Hi record setter. If we are going to be scrutinizing these attempts so closely, you may notice during Justin's current attemp the clock doesn't start until he is 5-6 books into the attempt. This would obviously make his time better since it's essentially a head start. I believe this attempt should be denied and awarded back to Bella at the 19:60 time.

  • United States Justin Landers

    Hi Maann, We tried contacting you to see if this was the case , but when we had no response for a while, Justin thought that you were going to keep Bella's record. Justin challenged it doing it Bella's way. Now Justin has a denial on his record page. Could Justin have the denial record erased. He does have a better time doing it the original form. He will send it in shortly!

  • United States Justin Landers

    Hello Record Setter, We submitted Justin's new record time for saying all 66 Books of the Bible a week ago. Justin was wondering about the status of his submission. Thank You, Landers Family

  • United States Justin Landers

    Does Bella's record still stand? Are you allowed to combine the Books of the Bible ( ex. 1st and 2nd Samuel) instead of saying each book individually? This was not following the form as the past current record holders. Is this now the " new form"?

    • Philippines MaAnn P.

      Hi Justin. We gave you the current status of the record back. You're right, the way Bella said the books of Samuel was not the same as yours and the original record setter.

    • United States Justin Landers

      Hi Maann, thank you.

  • United States Peggy turner

    God has to be so proud of this kind of accomplishment in the world we live in today...what an awesome "Child of the One True King".

  • United States Justin Landers

    Sorry for all the "mumbo jumbo" stuff in the beginning of my last post! I wrote it in the wrong box and pasted it in the correct post comment box, which created all that!

  • United States Justin Landers

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    \f0\fs28 \cf2 \cb3 \expnd0\expndtw0\kerning0 \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 Bella, congratulations on beating my record, but one of the rules was not followed. It is stated in the rules, "must follow same form as current world record holder". What I mean by this is that you shortened the Books of the Bible (combined them) by saying: "1st and 2nd Samuel, 1st and 2nd Kings,1st and 2nd Chronicles" in the Old Testament and continued in the New Testament with,"1st and 2nd Corinthians, 1st and 2nd Thessalonians,1st and 2nd Timothy, 1st and 2nd Peter, 1st,2nd and 3rd John". Whereas I (and the record holder before me) said: "1st Samuel, 2nd Samuel, 1st Kings, 2nd Kings, 1st Chronicles, 2nd Chronicles"...and so on. I just wanted to make you and Record Setter aware of this. Best Regards, Justin Landers

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