Largest Rat Litter

Largest Rat Litter

United States Rich Kedzierski

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Clay Township, Michigan, United States / September 10, 2011

Rich Kedzierski has a rat with 32 pinkies from one litter.

- rats must be born in a single litter
- must provide visual evidence with each rat countable


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  • United States Tilly Racker

    Tilly Racker

    The demons told me everything financial advisor spokane

  • United States lisamarie stevenson

    lisamarie stevenson

    the thing is did they all live

  • United States Kris Vallejo

    Kris Vallejo

    They look so cute! I would love to see if someone has a record with as many raccoons...

  • United States Alisha overton

    Alisha overton

    They are so cute

  • United States Alisha overton

    Alisha overton

    My girl just had 24 last week

  • United States Alex Taylor

    Alex Taylor

    My girl just had 10 in her girst litter :3 it was exciting

  • Africa eva-1 su

    eva-1 su

    Wa, Are there 32 rots in picture? I just see 29 rots in it.

  • United States Sandra Sneed

    Sandra Sneed

    yeah they tend to pile up. with my experience in rat baby piles i believe it! theres always more babies whose heads you can't see. x )

  • United States Ashley Dearborn

    Ashley Dearborn

    my oops litter 4 years ago had 21 babies. they were all healthy, but the mom had accidentally bitten 2, one died and the other lived with astub instead of a foot and only 2/3's of her tail. my mom named her Gimpy. she was AWESOME

  • United States Rich Kedzierski

    Rich Kedzierski

    Theres 29 on top if you had the full size image to zoom. Then under there was 3 on bottom of pile. The morning i saw the litter, i hand counted them one by one.

  • United States Jennifer Wark

    Jennifer Wark

    Rich, I can only see 28 rats in this picture, do you have a better one (or maybe a way to number them accurately here)?

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