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Longest Pronunciation Of The Word "Fresh"

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Bohemia, New York, United States / December 9, 2009

Steven Yalowitz took one minute, 4.75 seconds to pronounce the word “fresh.”

- no pauses or breaths allowed while setting the record


Tags: mouthstaminalengthbreathlungfresh

  • The Internet Daniel Behnken

    this looks like my dude tyler

  • The Internet Marc Allard

    this may be the worst thing ive ever seen on the internet

  • It's not even voiced. That shouldn't count.

  • Just the laimest!

  • Your fresh is not fresh.

  • Lame: It's gotta be done WITH FEELING, ya Aussie twit. It's not a breath-holding's FREEEESSHH, baby!

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