Fastest Time To Place 19 CDs Back In Their Cases


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Madrid, Spain / June 6, 2012

Otra Movida host Cristina Pedroche placed 19 CDs back in ther original cases in one minute, 8.12 seconds. She placed back the 19 first volumes of the "Otra Movida" music collection by DjValdi.

- CDs must be out of their cases and shuffled by a witness before record begins
- any variety of CD packaging (jewel case, cardboard sleeve, etc.) is acceptable
- CDs must be placed in cases right-side up


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  • Spain OtraMovida Records

    Thanks! Cristina beats you! But you have better taste in music...

  • United States Mick Cullen

    AAAHHHHH one of my world records was broken by a Spanish TV show?! Congrats, Otra Movida!

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