Fastest Time To Perform The "Extreme Power Mash-Up"

United States


Parksville, New York, United States / October 18, 2012

Andre T. performed the Extreme Power Mash-up in 21 minutes, 8.00 seconds. He set the record during a sportscast hosted by Micky Macintosh and Bunny Banonus.

- must perform four exercises: squat-curl-press combination, push-up, deep squat, and pull-up
- must achieve 100 repetitions of each of the four moves outlined in the video
- must use two standard 20-pound dumbbells
- must press dumbbell overhead
- weights must be curled up to shoulders
- must observe RecordSetter push-up criteria
- must observe pull-up form as seen in original video
- must bend knees and break 90 degrees on each squat
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Alicia Weber

    Great Effort CONGRATULATIONS! Putting Recordsetter on the map on the radio show too - way to go!

    • The Internet Andre Turan

      Yea, from what I've seen you can top this record because your pull ups (upper body in general) are so strong. GO FOR IT!

    • The Internet Nancy Figueroa

      Hey Andre, I am so excited for you with all the RECORDS you are breaking. This takes quite an endurance capacity to exceed this record. I would love to try this one for sure. CONGRATS ANDRE!!!...TTYS my friend

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