Fastest Time To Perform 100 Sand Deep Squat Jumps While Tossing A 10-Pound Medicine Ball

United States


Clermont, Florida, United States / January 18, 2013

Alicia Weber completed 100 sand deep squat jumps in five minutes, 53.00 seconds while tossing a 10-pound medicine ball.

- must perform exercises as demonstrated in the original video
- must perform attempt in thick sand
- must use a 10-pound medicine ball
- deep squats must break parallel with legs on all reps
- must toss medicine ball above a volleyball net measuring at least eight feet in height
- reps will not be counted if medicine ball doesn't go above volleyball net
- feet must come off ground on all jumps
- reps will not be counted on missed catches
- must provide side view of camera for video evidence


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  • United States Timmy Evans

    Fantastic! I would love to see someone doing the same if not better on a concrete surface. Possible?!!

  • The Internet DJ Nate

    Grueling in Sand. Way to go opening up this challenging category of physical fitness testing! Congrats!!

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