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Most One-Handed Claps In 30 Seconds

United States Emilie Virgilio


West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States / June 9, 2010

Emilie Virgilio completed 181 one-handed claps in 30 seconds.


- each clap must be clearly audible


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  • United States Jafet Magno

    Jafet Magno

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  • United States Chris Smitt

    Chris Smitt

    I can also clap with one hand and go about 2x faster than this... with both hands i do about 15 claps per second...

  • United States Josh Suhanic

    Josh Suhanic

    I am the only person out of anyone I know who can do this haha well done! :)

  • United States Josh Suhanic

    Josh Suhanic

    I I'll beat it

  • France Guillaume Bourgeois

    Guillaume Bourgeois

    Fast! Congratulations Emilie!

  • United States Emilie Virgilio

    Emilie Virgilio

    oh yea im known at my school as the one-handed clapping girl haha, but hey im proud! We are freaks of nature!

  • United States Ron Rutherford

    Ron Rutherford

    And if you think YOU look weird, you should see the goofy look I make hahaha! Coupled with the sound ... I of course get jokes ;P

  • United States Ron Rutherford

    Ron Rutherford

    Trying to get a camera! I think I'm right in the 150-200 mark having just 'speed' doing this recently. I actually was browsing online because I mentioned to a family member the other day I was still yet to MEET anyone who can actually legit clap one handed! Props on us being weird freaks of nature, haha. Peace and love!

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Amazing performance! Bravo.

  • what is your record of one-hand clap

  • i just beat your record

  • United States Alexander Paul Kleinschmidt

    Alexander Paul Kleinschmidt

    Wow good show! I can barely clap once with one hand in 30 seconds! :-P

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