Most Stairs Descended

United States


Gastonia, North Carolina, United States / August 29, 2011

Simon Kirk walked down 338 stairs.

- stairs must be descended in a single session
- must step on each stair, skipped stairs will be deducted from final total
- multiple flights of stairs may be used


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  • The Internet Robert Cowling

    Haven't you just found a big staircase and walked down it? What if I found a 350 long staircase - would that make me a record breaker??

  • Belgium JoeNagy

    if you wanted could you just go in say your house and go down them and go back up then down again over and over?

  • United States The Fireduck

    Oh my great goodness, that is some excellent stair descending.

  • Australia Peter Craig

    you need to have a shoe cam :)

  • Australia Peter Craig

    I think counting and verifying this one for future attempts will be tricky...

  • Australia Peter Craig

    Is this "consecutively descended"? ie. if you go back up and down again do the next set of going down count towards the total, or do the stairs need to be consecutive, as soon as you go up the count stops?

  • United States Simon Kirk

    We didn't record going up, unfortunately.

  • United States Rob Birdsong

    What about the record Most Stairs Ascended?

  • United States Simon Kirk

    Editing credit to Robert Brunson

  • United States Emily Patricia


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