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Fastest Time To Name All U.S. Presidents With Eyes Closed

United States Ben Sheppard


City, Pennsylvania, United States / April 21, 2011

Ben Sheppard named all 44 United States Presidents with his eyes closed in 11.90 seconds.

- saying last names of Presidents is permissible
- must name Presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama
- eyes must remain closed for entire attempt
- must provide video evidence
- must observe RecordSetter fast speech criteria
  • United States Jason Faulkner

    Jason Faulkner

    very good

  • United States Robert Vandagens

    Robert Vandagens

    John- I think you had a second stopwatch in your other hand. If you make the attempt you should have the watch viewable throughout the video so we know you aren't cheating. If you try it again please make sure we can see the stopwatch, because in the video it really looks like you were cheating.

    • United States John Acton

      John Acton

      It's next to impossible to keep the stopwatch in the frame with the eyes closed going that fast (I bob my head to keep a rhythm) , but if you time it yourself it's clear that I wasn't cheating.

    • United States Robert Vandagens

      Robert Vandagens

      But John- In your previous video you kept the stopwatch in fine even with the head bobbing!! Its very suspicious!

    • United States John Acton

      John Acton

      In my previous video I was going slow for the specific purpose of ensuring everything the stopwatch was fine because the record was 12 seconds, something I knew I could break easily. In order to break 8.6 seconds, I literally went out and bought a real stopwatch instead of a phone one in order to maximize the speed with which I could stop it when I finished.

      But seriously, if you don't believe me, time it for yourself; that provides incontrovertible evidence that my time is legitimate.

  • Philippines Nikki Cuaton

    Nikki Cuaton

    Ben Sheppard, Im not pretty sure if your eyes were close in making this record attempt. The title says "with eyes closed" maybe it would be better if you submit another video.

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