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Longest Time Hooping Two Hoops While Holding Watermelon Above Head

United States

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Rockford, Illinois, United States / September 16, 2011

Joseph Hughes hooped two hoops while holding a watermelon above his head for nine minutes, 20.97 seconds.

Stride’s setting 100 records in 100 days. At the end of 100 days, we’ll verify if you are the standing Record Holder. If you are, you’ll get $500 for each record you managed to hold with your guile, talent, and sheer will.

General caution and common sense required. We show the Stride Team at work, but recommend that these challenges be done at home.

- hoops must be 30" - 44" in diameter
- may only use hips to keep hoops gyrating
- timing starts when hands let go of hula hoops and watermelon is held above head
- no assistance from others permitted


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  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Amber-Leigh Hoops may be 30" to 44" in diameter. I adjusted the rules to mark it.

  • The Internet Amber Leigh Buckwald

    What is considered to be the "standard size" for a hula hoop in order to attempt this stuff? I can't find it anywhere.

  • The Internet Ariel Danielle

    Obviously there's a lot of jealous keyboard warriors here. You can clearly see the hoops fully separate from one another more than once in just the first half of the video. Way to go ladybug!

  • United States NeonEmu

    Music that is deejayed isn't copyrighted like other music that you purchase on an album is, it's allowed to be redistributed, remixed and remastered at a whim because you purchase each track via for said purposes. If necessary, I can have my boyfriend provide purchase receipts for each track he remixed in the background including the producer name and track title to confirm fair use rights.

    I would be perfectly alright if the entire video was muted to be re-used, as well as my other submissions on a different video. What stands is that I without a shadow of a doubt, without cheating and taping the hoops together, BEAT this record fair and square. I had no control over if my boyfriend decided to play music in the background and would take it back if i could, but can PROVE that his music is fair use.

  • The Internet Taylor Charles

    In Lindsey's Video there is definitely music in the background which is definitely against the rules. It clearly says that no copyrighted material may be allowed in the video and several other videos have been denied because of that exact reason. For fairness reasons you must treat this video as you have others. Otherwise, it is discriminatory.

  • United States Rob Birdsong

    Alex we denied this attempt because there are several times during the attempt when the watermelon is not above your head.

  • United States Dustin James

    lol..u can hear the tape. thats funny

  • The Internet Alex Kitral

    Not that it matters, cause I'm going to beat it anyways, but I know hula hoops better than most, and those hoops are definitely taped together. You can even hear the tape crinkling as he hoops. I call shenanigans...

  • United States NeonEmu

    Thank you so much Dan! :)

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Lindsey Submissions will be accepted until 11:59pm on October 12. Winners are scheduled to be announced on October 16.

  • United States NeonEmu

    When is the last day that this record can be broken? Is it 100 days from when it was originally broken or is the entire competition only for 100 days.

  • United States Rob Birdsong

    We've reviewed this several times now, decision stands.

  • United States Neil Moallem

    He actually separates the hoops at the beginning

  • United States NeonEmu

    Yeah ok, whatever. For the sake of validity it should have to be a whole watermelon. Knock the sand out of your panties and get over it... I'm just stating what any legitimate record breaker would have to abide by in this specific competition. Have fun!

  • United States Cody Owens

    also, at the end of the vid, you'll notice I stop from my arms being tired. I don't have any trouble with the hoop. BOOM ROASTED!!

  • United States Cody Owens

    not the case Lindsey. I dropped it on the second take and cracked it. No worries though... I'll love seeing you eat some crow when I post a longer vid with a new melon. btw, how many records do you hold??

  • United States Cody Owens

    not the case lindsey, i cracked it on my second take... no worries though. I'll love seeing you eat some crow when I post a longer one with a new melon. btw, how many records do you hold?

  • United States NeonEmu

    He emptied the watermelon and taped it back together... That should definitely be considered cheating.

  • The Internet Sarah Jay

    So... can the watermelon touch the head since that is still above the head?

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