Most Justin Bieber Posters Ripped In 30 Seconds

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Killeen, Texas, United States / February 1, 2012

Erik Reynolds ripped 26 Justin Bieber posters in 30 seconds.

- must use 11" x 17" posters
- posters must feature Justin Bieber
- each poster may be torn once
- must rip posters one at a time
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Nancy Kate Phillippi

    Not saying it should be denied or anything, I just looked at all the ripped-up paper and was kind of iffy on the prospect of using so much of it.

  • The Internet Nancy Kate Phillippi

    RECORDSETTER says that they don't like wasted resources. Isn't this a perfect example?

  • Philippines MaAnn P.

    Thanks for the suggestion, Mitch!

  • Canada Mitchie Dagger

    might want to add in the rules that each poster must be ripped individually. Someone could take 500 and rip it like a phone book.

  • United States SarahOlson

    I was waiting for someone to set this ;)

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