Fastest Time To Install A Residential Solar Photovoltaic System

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El Sobrante, California, United States / August 14, 2012

Sierra Pacific Home and Comfort installed a 12-panel, 2.82 kW residential solar photovoltaic DC system in one hour, fifteen minutes and 48.17 seconds. They used SHARP’s SunSnap™ System, a new power-generating solar appliance with a flexible and scalable design that lets installers save hours over a traditional install, and homeowners to start saving with solar energy.

- timing starts after materials are unloaded from vehicle but not unpacked, unboxed or prepared
- install rate of panels must exceed 38 W per minute to beat record
- may receive verbal assistance from others
- crew limited to seven or fewer installers, including ground support
- maximum of four installers on roof
- must be connected to home's main electrical box at completion
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet SamS88

    These guys did an amazing job. These appliances are not easy to install, even for residential applications and they rocked it! I was told that installing these from Appliance Repair North Vancouver is very difficult for the reasons illustrated by the video long before I watched it, so I was impressed at the workmanship.

  • United States Bestian Fellon

    A more affordable price for solar panels and inverters is on the renogy website, if I haven't forgotten the name. I ordered Inverter chargers there, which still serve me very reliably without any failures. I advise you to follow the link and read more about it. I'm sure you'll be interested in something, anyway. Good luck.

  • Netherlands Pim Clieff

    I remember Elon Musk's project about roof made of solar panels. It sounded impressive, but expensive. Is it now possible to use something like this more affordable for money?

  • The Internet jassicaa2020

    "The output range setting system above is from power on the sunlight temperature. Unleashed with a solar setup, you should arrange solar panels and wires in a viable way. The wire management, conduit, or interconnection also affects power out.  Power relates to the question that how much do solar panels cost and the way through. Pricing increases the power as well. 15, or 17 dollars as shared in the video for the 9 panel solar system can appears to be just setup.


  • The Internet Ethan Brad

    Incredible. They have installed the solar Photovoltaic System in very little time. Work quality is also satisfactory. Regards: Bay Area Appliance Installation

  • The Internet jdhii

    • The Internet jdhii

      Ubiquiti Energy: 15 minutes for a 9 panel, 2.25kW grid-tied, residential system

    • The Internet R

      The record setting system above is from modules on the ground, unboxed with a ladder setup, no array layout, wires, wire management, conduit or interconnection OCPD preinstalled, all the way through producing power. 15, or 17 minutes as claimed on the video for the 9 panel system appears to be just modules, already loaded on roof, and even still that time is doubtful. If it is true, congrats that's really great. Post an uncompressed version of the video so we can see how long it was and more of what was involved in the installation.

  • The Internet R

    Still holding :-)

  • The Internet Gerry Blakney

    This record was a campaign that eROI partnered with Sharp Solar to set in 2012. Learn more here:

  • United States Josh Jones

    This is major cool

  • United States Emily Patricia

    This would be great to see as a sped-up time lapse video!

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