Fastest Time To Install A Residential Solar Photovoltaic System

United States SHARP SunSnap™ Sierra Pacific Home and Comfort


El Sobrante, California, United States / August 14, 2012

Sierra Pacific Home and Comfort installed a 12-panel, 2.82 kW residential solar photovoltaic DC system in one hour, fifteen minutes and 48.17 seconds. They used SHARP’s SunSnap™ System, a new power-generating solar appliance with a flexible and scalable design that lets installers save hours over a traditional install, and homeowners to start saving with solar energy.

- timing starts after materials are unloaded from vehicle but not unpacked, unboxed or prepared
- install rate of panels must exceed 38 W per minute to beat record
- may receive verbal assistance from others
- crew limited to seven or fewer installers, including ground support
- maximum of four installers on roof
- must be connected to home's main electrical box at completion
- must provide video evidence

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  • United States R


    Still holding :-)

  • United States Gerry Blakney

    Gerry Blakney

    This record was a campaign that eROI partnered with Sharp Solar to set in 2012. Learn more here:

  • United States Josh Jones

    Josh Jones

    This is major cool

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Emily Patricia

    This would be great to see as a sped-up time lapse video!

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