Longest Time Hopping On One Foot While Making Funny Face


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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia / August 15, 2013

Participants at The Ekka 2013 event hopped on one foot while making funny faces for three minutes, 33.02 seconds.

- each participant must make a face
- all participants must be in the same location
- participants must hop simultaneously
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet jahannasrin1973@gmail.com

    I think they are doing jumping jacks.

  • Kelly, have you ever thought of beating your own record? Will your foot last that long lol? Its taking a massive amount of pressure doing this.

  • lol i would have been soooo embarased your crazzy for doing this but it seemes you killed..! nyc job..! :)

  • Ahaha (: that's great. !

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