Highest Score On Level 1-2 Of

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Highest Score On Level 1-2 Of "Angry Birds - Poached Eggs"

Brazil Lauro Alves

  • Philippines Ma-Ann Pacion

    Ma-Ann Pacion

    I think this is achieveable. There are several examples around the web of people getting close to that score.

  • Canada Twisted Enemy

    Twisted Enemy

    Yeah that is a score that i dont think is achieveable This is the problem with screenshot records, you cannot prove/ disprove them. He will probably get away with photoshopping, but the fact of the matter is that i dont think you can achieve a score that large with the items you have on the map.

    • Australia EJAY B

      EJAY B

      I 100% definitely did NOT use photoshop. I don't even HAVE photoshop and I used the 'Short Fuse' power-up. It doesn't say in the rules you can't use it.

  • Portugal Rui Batista

    Rui Batista

    What resault? Mine?

  • United States João Victor

    João Victor

    This result was cheated!

    • United States Ian McGehee

      Ian McGehee

      I do not play this game but he is not the current WR holder so it is most likely possiblity

    • Australia EJAY B

      EJAY B

      I didn't cheat - I used the 'Short Fuse' power-up which IS allowed

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