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United States Lasse

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Isfjorden, Møre og Romsdal, Norway / July 1, 2012

Lasse earned 10,945 points in Doodle Jump.

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  • United States Lucien Šíma

    Lucien Šíma

    i think it could be possible, but this man must be addicted to it. my record is 200 000 (playing 30 minutes), so he must play that for 3000 minutes (50 hours) and with pauses it vould be cpossible.

    • United States awprince


      Lucien - Thanks for the comments and number-crunching; you are just a little bit off on your arithmetic. This 24 Million game took exactly 46 Hours, 10 Minutes and 43 seconds to play. So close to two days.

      Secondly, gamers often like to bring up "addiction" when it comes to games, especially if someone has posted a better score than them. I find that amusing, because the truth of the matter is that I simply posted the best score ever. I've held the World Record on 4 different games, including a new one that should be linked to my profile in the next 48 hours.

      I actually play about 2-3 games of Doodle Jump per year now, as I feel I've mastered it pretty well. And frankly, since nobody has really posted even half of my top score, there's not a lot of motivation for me to improve on it. I will admit 25-30 Million would be fun to go for one of these days.

  • Netherlands Bram Tabak

    Bram Tabak

    please like my page: www.facebook.com/pages/TheYoungDutchDJ/410475829013132

  • Netherlands Bram Tabak

    Bram Tabak


  • Netherlands Bram Tabak

    Bram Tabak

    I can only capture the screen, and i already stand at my record.

  • Philippines MaAnn Pacion

    MaAnn Pacion

    Hi Bram, we phasing out the acceptance of screen grabs for gaming records. Moving forwards, please submit video evidence, even if it's just a video of the final screen.

  • United States aman


    its imposssible to make 1,492,921 points

  • United States aman


    fake record

  • United States Eli Calder

    Eli Calder


    • United States Lasse


      this was a friend of mine that i wanted to set up this so do not blame me

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