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Highest Distance Jumped On "Minecraft"

Canada Michael Bassoon

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada / March 27, 2012

Renato Guerreiro jumped 600 meters on Minecraft.

DENIED: Does not follow criteria.

- must not enter void
- game must be on survival mode
- no cheats or mods permitted
- must use "Minecraft vanilla" only
- must observe RecordSetter video game criteria


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  • France Miska


    One blocks = one meter

  • United States Weirderrichard4u


    That's not 690600 meters. This wasn't in Survival. Highest Survived Fall On A Solid Block In "Minecraft" attempts and "Highest Distance Jumped On "Minecraft" attempts should switch. According to both rules, it would make more sense.

  • Australia Wong Samill

    Wong Samill

    Only survival mode. This record is invalid.

  • Canada Record Setter

    Record Setter

    This is 2000 meters not 600000!!!!!

  • United States Ryan Little

    Ryan Little

    Dillion has a point. This attempt is invalid and needs to be recinded. Besides, if we're talking JUST survival mode, the most you could jump as of Minecraft 1.2.5 is around 250 blocks anyways, from the sky level (256 is the maximum block placement, but jumping might get you to 257) down to bedrock (5 is the usual bedrock placement, and is unbreakable without mods)

    • United States Josiah Henry

      Josiah Henry

      sorry about the confusion it was meant to say farthest distance fallen in CREATIVE but i cant change it.

  • New Zealand Private Private

    Private Private

    WTF why do my tabs keep showing other urls, now i keep getting mixed up

  • New Zealand Private Private

    Private Private

    oops wrong tab. wrong page

  • New Zealand Private Private

    Private Private

    Well at least the 600 meter one

  • New Zealand Private Private

    Private Private

    This attempt is invalid, as one, it is done in creative while the rules say survival, therefore you could not of possibly have reached 600 blocks in height, and the only way to beat the previous record is if you do some special things which I know of.

    • France Miska


      No its on CRÉATIVE

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