Heaviest Weight Balanced On Head With An Olympic Bar

England Mrremarkableman Jones


Suffolk, South East England, England / June 8, 2012

52-year-old Mrremarkableman Jones balanced a 210-kilogram weight with an Olympic bar on his head for 10 seconds.

- must use a weight with an Olympic bar
- must balance weight on head for full 10 seconds
- must observe RecordSetter balancing criteria
- may use arms for support
- may use arms to support weight for a maximum of 10 seconds
- must provide video evidence
- record must be broken by 0.5kgs or more.
- object must be weighed before attempt
- doctor or medical professional must be at the record attempt if performed in a public place
- signal must be sounded at the start and finish of the record attempt


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  • United States John Evans

    John Evans

    Hello Everyone John Evans is the headbalancer record holder and the rules for the last 24 years are items have to be lifted off a supporting lift carried on the head for at least 3 meters then hands must come of and the person has to balance the item hands free for over ten seconds also all the weight as to be above the head not on a barr hanging down see www.headbalancer.com jones tried this a few years ago and failed he is changing rules for headbalancing records if he wants to do this he should make new rules up which say he can stay under the safety of lifting apparatus and keep his hands on the bar with the weight not on top of his head but dangling on a bar below his head. that's what I have to say John Evans

  • England Mrremarkableman Jones

    Mrremarkableman Jones

    Hi Emily , Recordsetters, People, Now that we've got a couple of recordsetter world records under our belts, can really beef it up now. Now gona start a 3 month training schedule for head balance record attempt in the UK for Recordsetter.

    Hopefully set a new world record in head balancing for: This will be a first for this extreme world record attempt by any power lifter, head balancer, body builder, Fitness freak has ever attempted.

    RECORD ATTEMPT 24 Hours.The heaviest weight head balanced at the same time as squat lifting with weight balanced on head .Hopefully bang up over half a million pounds in weight, or if i can get to the ultimate fitness level required could reach over 1 million pounds in weight.

    Training programme Train x 5-6 days per week Train x 2 x a day. 5.00 am-6.30 am then 6.00 PM - 7.30 PM. Then off to work. Squat head lifting with start of weights around 60 kg's for Apr 15 reps every 1 minute in the hr = 5-6000 kg's per session Plus 3 x a week up hill tread mill sprint running for 20 minutes per session.

    Hopefully we can link up with you guys in America via video link as it happens. Also hopefully get adjudicator recordsetter on board as well in the UK

    Now in training for the worlds 1st 24 hr none stop squat head balancing Recordsetter world record attempt

    LOV- IT We love bizarre crazy wacky over in the UK. But by some of your records i think you are more crazier than us. In a nice way.

    Speak soon Shaun. London, UK, Norfolk, England

  • United States Brian Pankey

    Brian Pankey

    hello Mr Remarkable Man I love your accuracy and precision to the rules. I write specific rules myself but recordsetter always changes them to fit their needs. This is why I'm leaving because recordsetter doesn't really care about the record setters in my opinion it is all about advertising to them & making money. I love all your records Mr. Jones!

  • England Mrremarkableman Jones

    Mrremarkableman Jones

    Rules: Please remove rules and add these rules.

    For head balancing : 10 seconds. The heaviest weight balanced on head for 10 seconds.

    Current standing world record is 210 kg's for 10 seconds. Using an Olympic weight lifting bar and Olympic weights.

    The record for head balancing means to balance an object on your head

    Any object can be balanced on head so long as the object weighs the same as the current world record

    Examples. Fridges. Wash machines. Weights. Bags of sugar. Bricks. Motorcycle

    The object must be balanced on the head for the full 10 seconds.

    The record must be broken by 0.5kgs or more.

    The object must be weighed before attempt

    The record must be videoed / Photo

    It is advisable that the record attempt be performed in a safety rack or hoist or a fork lift etc

    It is advisable to have x 4 spotters . But they cannot touch the object

    A clearance of Apr 3 meters all the way around the area of record attempt

    Safety clothing is allowed .

    Head protection is a must to be worn on head known as a grommet

    A doctor or medical / 1st alder must be at the record attempt if performed in a public place. Public liability insurance.

    The record must be stop watched timed

    A signal must be sounded at the start and finish of the record attempt

    On this specific head balancing record attempt it is allowed for the person who is attempting the record to touch / hold the object

    You must follow all the guide lines and rules of the Recordsetter

    Then go for it and smash the record

    Best regards Shaun

  • England Mrremarkableman Jones

    Mrremarkableman Jones

    Hi people. I have x 5 pending records of multibles. Please remove these as not required.Just a mistake when first started to upload records.

    Regards Shaun UK England

  • France Guillaume Bourgeois

    Guillaume Bourgeois


  • England Mrremarkableman Jones

    Mrremarkableman Jones

    Hi Brian Nice to see ya. Hows the weather over with you guys, Yes like your stuff too i like crazzy.Catch you latters


  • United States Brian Pankey

    Brian Pankey

    Awesome job Mr. Remarkable Man

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