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Most Handstand Push-Ups With Legs Held Straight



Basingstoke, Hampshire, England / February 14, 2013

Adam Frewer completed 31 consecutive handstand push-ups without any wall support.

- hands must remain planted once in handstand position; moving forward or backward with hands is not permitted
- no outside support permitted
- must bend elbows 90 degrees
- legs must be held apart
- legs must be held straight up for duration of attempt; may not bend legs
- must follow form of current record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • Italy andrea pallini


  • Cyprus Superbeefman Mike

    WE BELIEVE YOU!! Lol Id rather be ignorant than LIAR!

    • Denmark Oliver Storm

      I understand why you are ignorant, must be hard to accept that what you trained hard for was easily beaten by me.

      I didn't practice for a year now but maybe i can start training handstand pushups with a grip instead so my hand doesn't get bend. Up for that challenge then?

  • Cyprus Superbeefman Mike

    As mine are called with bent knees,shouldnt his be called with split legs? It dont matter cos im on 36 now and im Gunning for Guinnesses 8year old record half push ups mark of 41 to kill off all FORMATS IN HISTORY! And to the Pro Gymnast it aint about style points but reps!! Im even hoping to hit 42 in a crazy time of 30seconds and then on route to do more inside a minute!!

    • Denmark Oliver Storm

      Remember to make videos as you train yourself up, you never know what happens before you reach your goal! I was on 42 freestand pushups and would do a video at 45 but suddenly i got a wrist damage from doing this, and it has not gotten better for 3 months now :( i can no longer do handstand pushups or even regular pushups.

    • Cyprus Superbeefman Mike

      So where's the video of when you did 45??? Or is that comment a way of failing yourself but at the same time trying to convince the world your the best!?! As you can't delete comments on here I think you will find you will really regret making that comment when your alot older!

    • Denmark Oliver Storm

      Are you really that stupid? I already explained what happened.... And my wrist has still not recovered. Why the hell would i lie on here. I give you an advice and you give me bullshit back, i could do 40+ no problem really. You are an ignorant IDIOT.

  • United States Derrick Clark

    Welcome to the strength

  • France Guillaume Bourgeois

    I watched your you tube channel. spectacular. especially when you do a muscle up by lifting the feet.

  • France Guillaume Bourgeois

    well done Adam

  • United States Alicia Weber

    Terrific Work!

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Great job, Adam. What sport do you play?

  • Philippines MaAnn P.

    well-done, Adam!

  • Netherlands Tim Koelewijn

    nice job :D

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Super impressive.

  • United States Emily Patricia

    WOAH, Tim! This is incredible. Have you seen all the other push up/strength related records on our site? Check out Guillaume Bourgeois, Derrick Clark, Alicia Weber and records related to them. You need to challenge them!

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