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Memphis, Tennessee, United States / October 28, 2011

Victor Marx disarmed an assailant holding a gun in 0.28 seconds. He took possession of the firearm and removed the magazine.

Marx has a 7th degree black belt in Keichu-Do and a 5th degree black belt in Weapons. He is also the founder and president of All Things Possible, a national faith-based organization.

NOTE: This record is dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals. Also, a replica gun MUST be used.

- hands must start from waist level at the beginning of attempt
- replica gun must be pointed at face
- timing starts when record setter hold armed person's gun
- timing ends when record setter re-aims the gun to the person
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Rick Wayne

    Sorry Dohan...Victors disarm and reaim beat yours at .08 sec. His record was described as disarm and remove magazine while yours is just disarm and reaim. Totally different. Also your video made the same sound as Victors so looks like you got shot in the face also. Good try though.

  • The Internet jim dohan

    oh the 10 seconds of video...freeze the can hear the trigger click...before you even made contact....just got shot in the face....

    • United States BOI MAN

      oh i feel bad for that guy

    • United States BOI MAN

      i dont care about that dead person

  • The Internet jim dohan giving you props...however...look at your video....freeze frame on your initial control...your in danger of shooting yourself in your left hand....

  • The Internet jim dohan

    yes...the time stopped....i give you props tho...i do this technique in less time....while disarming....controlling redirecting and aiming back at one see...check out Jim Dohan Gun Takeaway Defense on Youtube....I have never looked for any many of us do it....

  • United States Victor Marx

    Thank you

  • United States Waffle123

    This guy should be my bodyguard

  • The Internet Bart Winters

    This guys hows faster according to experts. Just rare to see his videos!

  • The Internet Travis Brewer

    his time stopped before he had the magazine out of the weapon.

    • United States Victor Marx

      I agree with you they should amend the qualification to say .08 with complete control of weapon out or reach of attacker.

  • The Internet Travis Brewer

    his time stopped before he had the magazine out of the weapon.

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