Largest Group Of People Playing "Simon Says" Simultaneously At Multiple Locations

United States Trish Allen


, United States / October 5, 2012

A total of 5,290 people including The Goddard School children, teachers, family & friends across the nation played Simon Says. They set the record to promote the importance of self-regulating games and the power of learning through play. Learn more about the feat here.

- must apply Simon Says game rules
- all participants must begin game at designated time and date
- attempt will only be officially recognized as over when an overall winner is decided
- no one may join the game after it has begun
- participants may not receive assistance in playing the game
- participants who leave the attempt area before the attempt is over must be deducted from the final count
- must have one “Simon” who can be heard by all who are participating
- must provide video evidence


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