Longest Gmail Thread Between Four Or More People

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Longest Gmail Thread Between Four Or More People

United States Ryan Snell

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Chicago, Illinois, United States / November 19, 2010

Ryan Snell and three friends created a Gmail chain 100 emails in length.

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  • United States Rob Birdsong

    Rob Birdsong

    Mr. Parillo brings up an interesting point. Seems lije this world record category has a ceiling and cannot exceed 100 emails.

  • United States Jordan Parrillo

    Jordan Parrillo

    Interesting thing about this record is that it can't be broken I think.

    Looks like Google automatically makes a new thread after it hits 100?

    • United States Ryan Onopa

      Ryan Onopa

      Still a single email chain, just arbitrarily clustered into 100 groupings

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