Fastest Five-Phased Chop Cup Routine

United States

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Springfield, Illinois, United States / April 13, 2012

Brian Pankey completed a five-phased Chop Cup routine in 29.47 seconds.

Phases of the routine:

Phase 1 - Cup and ball are shown. Cup is empty. A ball is put in cup, then taken out and placed in pocket. Ball is shown still under the cup.

Phase 2 - Cup is lifted and ball placed in it. Ball is shown to go through the cup even if there is no hole in the cup.

Phase 3 - Repeat phase 2 but yellow practice golf ball appears under the cup.

Phase 4 - Golf ball is inside the pocket but a 2.5-inch in diameter smiley face appears under the cup.

Phase 5 - Before it's over, another big ball appears under the cup.

- must use a chop cup and sponge ball
- must follow pattern as demonstrated in original record
- all phases must be completed successfully
- does not have to use same balls; may use fruit
- time starts once first phase of routine begins
- time stops once the last big ball appears
- must provide video evidence


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