Longest Front Flip Off a Slide

United States Kenneth Evans


Citrus Heights, California, United States / September 6, 2011

Kenneth Evans performed a front flip over a distance of 10 feet, three inches (123 inches).

WARNING: This record can be dangerous. Please have assistance on hand if you attempt this feat and observe safety precuations.

- must complete full body forward rotation during jump
- use of spring-loaded take off devices prohibited
- must take off from a playground slide and land on a flat surface
- must land on feet
- record based on distance between take-off line and closest place body touches ground after front flip is complete
- must perform flip unassisted
- must provide video evidence


Tags: farthestjumpingflippinggymnasticsacrobaticfront flip

  • United States Kita


    It was alright

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Rodrigo, excellent note. Revised rule to "may not use spring-loaded device to add height to flip."

  • United States RE


    Rule: - may not use a springboard or other device to add height to flip

    So a park slide doesn't count?

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