Farthest Distance To Walk While Balancing A Broom On Chin



Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India / December 22, 2016

Suresh Gaur walked 571 feet while balancing a broom on his chin.

- must use a standard broom
- broom must be balanced on chin, no other body parts may touch broom
- must walk and balance broom simultaneously
- must observe RecordSetter balancing criteria
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Adam Yates

    so great! I don't mind being beaten by one of the best! well done, you've given me a hard goal to beat!

    • India Suresh Gaur

      Thanks ADAM YATES!, I have made this Record without any more practice. I could be go more.

    • The Internet Adam Yates

      I'm sure you could, you are amazing! I also did beat the old record on one attempt without really giving myself the room to continue. It's winter here now, but in the springtime i'll try again.

    • India Suresh Gaur

      Thanks! Dear ADAM YATES, I am too sure you could break my record. I think winter is not a problem only sun direction and wind blowing is obstruct balance to broom on chin while walking.

  • Slovakia Peter Durdik


  • Canada Doug McManaman

    Do your best Dan if i decide to break a record I will break it your comments mean nothing to me .

  • Canada Dan McPhee

    When I beat the record you will not be able to beat it... I crushed the showscoop record. yours was 23.5 ft.. I went 167.85 feet...

  • Canada Doug McManaman

    Mr. Mcphee you have the video of how the record was made the 2 feet it takes to turn around is not added to the total length walked. I could have just as easily have turned around without taking broom down but thats not how the record was made. Now you have the option of beating the record the same way i made it so stop complaining and beat it so i can re-beat it . thank you

  • Canada Dan McPhee

    it says no other body parts may touch the broom but you use your hands to take it down and turn around.. ( thats cheating.) You should see how far you can do it with out touching it... Your record is 30 ft... not 60ft.

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