Longest Pipe Walk

United States Bryan Ellison

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States / September 11, 2009

Bryan Ellison walked along a pipe for 67 feet without touching the ground.

- pipe diameter may not exceed 2.5"


Tags: balancewalkingpipe

  • United States galvin


    Longest Pipe Walk! Very creative! cookie clicker. 54471 likes

  • United States Jared Stahl

    Jared Stahl

    too easy i beat this last night when i was being chased by a rabid dog. do not try to make yourself look cool if realistically you are doing the easiest thing ever. noob. -powned

  • United States John Bayne

    John Bayne

    I will beat your record! But in first I need probably find a very long pipe...

  • United States Tai Star

    Tai Star

    If I ever come across a longer pipe

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