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Largest Energy Product Collection

United States Timothy Best

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Montrose, Pennsylvania, United States / January 19, 2010

Timothy Best has 1215 different items in his collection of energy products.

Read more about the collection here.

- products only count if they contain taurine, guarana, large             amounts of caffeine, and/or are obviously marketed for energy       and/or display an obvious intent to energize
- tea does not count unless there is an explicit intent to energize
- coffee only counts in the case of canned coffee, sold alongside     energy drinks (thus sharing the same purpose)
- diet products only count if they are made by a company who         makes energy products as well, and display an intent to               energize, not just provide energy as a side-effect
- beauty products only count if the caffeine or other 'energizing'       substances present are included for the express purpose of           energy, not other benefits such as skin tone, etc 
- sexual enhancement products only count if they contain similar      ingredients to energy products; pure aphrodisiacs do not count


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