Fastest Time To Eat A Klondike Bar While Wearing A Wolf Costume

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Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States / January 20, 2012

Elliot Ginns ate a Klondike bar in three minutes, 53.27 seconds while wearing a wolf costume and holding a replica Gettysburg pistol.

NOTE: Speed eating can be dangerous. Please use caution and have adult supervision on hand.

- must be attempted outdoors
- record must be performed after 8 pm
- must completely finish the Klondike bar
- must be wearing a black wolf costume, mask optional
- must be barefoot
- must use a Caramel Pretzel-flavored Klondike bar
- must eat Klondike Bar with one hand
- must hold a replica Civil War pistol in the other hand
- pistol must be fired three times during the attempt
- time stops when Klondike bar is fully consumed


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