Longest Indoor Putt Of A Golf Ball Into A Wooden Frame

United States

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Clinton, Iowa, United States / October 7, 2011

Cash Bimm used a putter to roll a golf ball into an indoor frame 84 feet away.

- must use standard golf ball
- must use golf ball putter
- record must be performed indoors
- must attempt record on hard surface; no carpet permitted
- frame must be 24 inches wide and 12.5 inches deep
- ball must roll into frame and remain in frame


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  • Canada Doug McManaman

    Cant agree with u Mitch the Criteria for this record was sent in on video which you can see and hear and no one minds having a record broken as long as it is done the same way as origional record

  • The Internet Mitch Jankowski

    its not in the criteria... quit complaining and go beat it

  • United States Dustin James

    looks good to me.. doesnt say in the criteria anythhing about a hole. Great work Cash

  • Canada Doug McManaman

    Sortry Cash and Dustin I know you went by the Rules set out by Recordsetter but the most important rule which u can see me explain on my record video was not put in it was in very plain english on the video that ball was to be shot through 3 and 3 quarter inch hole.

  • Canada Doug McManaman

    ball must go through a hole 3 and 3 quarters of an inch wide its on video

  • Canada Doug McManaman

    sorry Record setters but the ball must go through a hole as i show on video so i think this record still stands please check thanks

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