Fastest Death In A Random Map Set To Peaceful Mode In "Minecraft"

United States SoulSurvivor

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Hoogkarspel, Netherlands / June 15, 2013

SoulSurvivor's game character in Minecraft died in 4.04 seconds while in a random map. The game was set to peaceful mode.

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  • United States Milos


    He actually never used a seed he only neded to do was quit the game before death and respawn at lava

  • United States Chronicle Hunter

    Chronicle Hunter

    Even if you can spawn in lava, when he died he respawned somewhere else. When you die you respawn in the place you spawned in originally; or if you have a bed or command. So if he spawned in the lava, he should respawn back in the lava.

  • United States Emma


    You didn't spawn in lava the second time... Spawn point never changes.

    • United States Hack3900


      you made a mistake because when you start a world you do not have a spawn point but spawn chunks . But, you can't spawn in lava .

  • France WSOP Channel

    WSOP Channel

    Not legal entry | We don't know if it's an peacyful map !

    SoulSurvivor sorry

  • Canada Littlepeople


    This is a completely legal entry. It said NOWHERE that is must be a random seed.

  • United States SoulSurvivor


    The jury approved this real, you cant do anything about It.

  • United States Heyho


    He got a seed*

    • United States SoulSurvivor


      You was I didnt enter anything, so hoe about that?

  • United States Heyho


    lol h just got s sedd

  • United States Ben Woodworth

    Ben Woodworth

    You can't spawn in lava... :I

  • Canada Cameron Batar

    Cameron Batar

    Fake as hell!

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