Longest Continuous Auction



Robina, Queensland, Australia / October 27, 2012

Tony Mansfield auctioned 400 items nonstop for over four hours in a shopping mall in Queensland, Australia. The event was organized to raise money and local awareness for Make-A-Wish Australia. Learn more about the feat here.

- may auction any item
- may only have one auctioneer
- auctioneer may not take a break
- attempt must be held in a public place
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Liz

    Brilliant job, congratulations Tony, Dale and the team at Make-A-Wish!! What an fantastic day.

  • The Internet Bronwyn Robertson

    AMAZING work!! Congratulations Make-A-Wish Gold Coast branch!! So so PROUD to be apart of this wonderful achievement and even more wonderful branch. Well Done Tony. You really pulled this one off and all for a great cause!

  • The Internet Sharon Williams

    This was a great day and Tony did such and EXCELLENT job!!! It was wonderful outcome for a very worthwhile charity Make-A-Wish Australia. Poor Tony..... he didn't have much voice left by the end of the day but it was all worth it !!!

  • The Internet Dale Mansfield

    So excited to receive this World Record for the Gold Coast Branch of Make-A-Wish Australia, and so proud of Tony Mansfield - our Auctioneer that set out to achieve this record for us. Great achievement for Tony and for Make-A-Wish Australia. Dale, Mansfield, Fundraising Coordinator, Gold Coast Branch of Make-A-Wish Australia.

  • The Internet Toni

    Great work! Well done! Congratulations to all involved!

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