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Most Consecutive Hands-Out Pull-Ups (Male)

Pakistan Navid Qazi

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Riddarholmen, Stockholm, Sweden / November 12, 2011

Navid Qazi raised his body to the sky 32 times utilizing the hands-out pull-up method.

- must perform pull-ups with the back of the hands facing away from the body
- must perform complete pull-ups; incomplete exercises will be deducted from the final total
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


Tags: mostwildcardhandphysicalstaminaHuman Bodyathleticpullupprowesslift

  • Germany Baraa Solieman

    Baraa Solieman

    im not quite sure about what complete pull ups here mean

  • United States Kunal Bajaj

    Kunal Bajaj

    i don't they are called pull ups they are chin ups -_-

  • United States Ty


    Can I do pull ups or do I have to do chin ups?

  • United States Ty


    can I do pull ups for this record?

  • United States Dirk VandenBergh

    Dirk VandenBergh

    You want to break this record? Please! I did 50 pull-ups, not chin-ups, all non-stop when I was 38. I can still do 30 and I'm 56.

    • United States Kunal Bajaj

      Kunal Bajaj

      work a little more hard and show him you're better than him!! YOU CAN DO IT!!

  • United States Dillon Dixon

    Dillon Dixon

    I would like to break this record, but I would do legit palm facing out fully locked out elbow pull ups, and that being said I can't do 34, but the strength required would be much greater with that grip and the full extension of the arms. I don't want to do it if I have to compete with half chin ups while I would be doing Full Pull Ups... what should I do?

  • Pakistan Navid Qazi

    Navid Qazi

    Rob, i tried to find the attempts with higher values but cant find em the once with 22 an 20 an 19 units are only pictures..

  • United States Rob Birdsong

    Rob Birdsong

    Navid - I dont think we can recognize this attempt. There are already many other attempts in this category, with a way higher pull-up value.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Agreed, Snapdragon22. We're going to change the Status to Denied.

  • Vietnam SeanG123456789


    so its just a picture of some shirtless Gypsie. how do we know he did all 22... its just a picture

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