Largest Fist Bump Explosion Chain

United States Hamza Mujtaba


Liverpool, Merseyside, England / October 30, 2012

298 students participated in the largest fist bump explosion chain. They set the record as part of Livisoc Charity Week 2012.

- each pair of participants must fist bump and then "explode" the bump
- pairs must bump fists within five seconds of previous bump
- must provide video evidence


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  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Great feat, though some lukewarm "explosions" to say the least. (See the Original video as reference.) Are people OK with the explosion quality here?

    • United States Kyle DeMilner

      Kyle DeMilner

      I don't know. The rule says each fist bump has to EXPLODE. I don't see much exploding on this one.

    • United States Hamza Mujtaba

      Hamza Mujtaba

      Thanks Dan and Kyle for your comments. To be fair, not to take anything away from the previously set record, there were a few in that video similar to the ones i'm sure you are referring to in our attempt. From what we understood as being an 'explosion' is when the person after bumping fists, then removes their hand away from the bumped hand. A fist bump alone is just the touching of the fists, not the breaking away. Hope that clears things up?

    • United States Bryan Vitale

      Bryan Vitale

      As the person who created this challenge for iD Tech Camps, I say this attempt by Hamza does not meet the criteria. Although some people of the 298 do explode after the fist bump, everyone doesn't... So technically you wouldn't have the longest chain. I classify a fist bump explosion as, two partners who bump fists, then release their hands upon impact as if a burst of energy has been activated. Although Hamza's attempt is quite the feat, I believe this video is the "most fists bump chain" and should have a new record elsewhere. Thoughts?

  • United States Clint Poore

    Clint Poore

    Very cool!

  • United States Peter Vigeant

    Peter Vigeant


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