Most Consecutive Bounces Of A Tennis Ball On The Spine Of A Tennis Racquet



Ruabon, Wales / July 20, 2015

Mark Evans bounced a tennis ball on the spine of his tennis racquet 79 times in a row.

- must use brand-new tennis ball 
- ball may not touch any other object or the ground
- must hold racket handle
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • Wales Mark Evans

    see what you mean? it is tough it helps if you have a strong wrist? thanks laurent

  • England Laurent Kelly

    This looks tough, you did well to recover the ball early on in the attempt. Well played.

  • The Internet William Roddy

    Damn too bad i didnt record it when i got 106! I will have to try again

  • Australia Peter Craig

    Another criteria for this record should be: Must hold the racket handle. Holding the rim makes it too easy...

  • Australia Peter Craig

    Gah... I just got 30 but didn't have the camera rolling... will have to do some more later today - just giving you the heads up on the new benchmark in case you want to resubmit before I do :)

  • Australia Peter Craig

    Nice job Brian, a fair effort - how many attempts did that take? I did get 18 but it hit the wall and it wasn't recording so I'll have to try again now.... Brian, Brian... I like the friendly rivalry so far, but maybe let me bask in my temporary glory for at least longer than an hour next time :) - I think you actually got 19 in that clip, are you not counting the last "bounce"? It's tricky to know when it clips the side whether it counts, I'd say it passes because it still hits the rim... so in that case 19 is better than by personal best of 18 so I have a bit of work to do :)

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