Most Consecutive Tennis Ball Bounces With Full Racket Spin Between Each Bounce

United States

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Springfield, Illinois, United States / June 28, 2010

Brian Pankey bounced a tennis ball 65 times in a row, giving his racket a full rotation between each bounce.

- tennis racket must make a full revolution between each bounce
- tennis racket can spin in either direction 
- tennis racket cannot spin more than one full revolution each bounce 
- ball and racket must not contact any other part of the body, floor, walls, or surface
- can only use one hand to set record


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  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Peter - I added "one hand only" to criteria.

  • Australia Peter Craig

    Thanks Rob, yes I use the same player, I download the flv videos using Download Helper for Firefox, play the flv in VLC player at slow speed but unfortunately VLC doesn't give a frame number, only seconds - unless you know of an extension that gives the exact frame by frame timecode? That would be good for specific timing records... Another method for videos with consistent bounces is looking at the raw audio graph and counting the audio peaks visually instead of by sound.

  • United States Rob Birdsong

    Hi Peter, We use the VLC media player to slow down videos that contain rapid movement. It is a great player that is compatible with Mac and PC and allows you to slow down those super speedy videos. You can DL it here: Let me know if you have any questions. Best, rob

  • Australia Peter Craig

    Sorry, this attempt has been denied because the spins in some cases aren't full revolutions, some half, some not at all, and some more than one breaking the criteria, although with that said, it is very difficult to see the spins as they go pretty fast, the video needs slowing down to see it clearly.

  • The Internet Alex Bradford

    I got 23 the night before but I though I could do better :)

  • Australia Peter Craig

    Fair effort Alex!

  • Australia Peter Craig

    Additional criteria should include only one hand, not two.

  • Australia Peter Craig

    I was going to add the criteria that it was to be done inside or with a height restriction which added to the challenge, with extra height it does make it much easier so will need to do the same now myself, but good job!

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