Fastest Time To Complete "Lake Powell" Level of "Hydro Thunder Hurricane" In Ring Master Mode, Novice Difficulty Level

United States


Columbus, Ohio, United States / January 11, 2012

Matt Siegfried completed the [Lake Powell][2] level of [Hydro Thunder Hurricane][1] in one minute, 55.57 seconds. The game was set to Ring Master mode and used the Novice difficulty level. [1]: [2]:

- must use a standard unmodified Xbox 360
- may use any boat that the Novice difficulty allows
- must observe RecordSetter video game criteria


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  • The Internet Alan Proano

    Don’t know if anyone will ever read this again but my buddies and I beat this record in a matter of 4 and a half hours. We got 1.55.27.

  • United States Matt Siegfried

    Simon: I eventually noticed that hitting stuff really doesn't affect you at all. I was at first trying to avoid them, especially on other levels where they're more in your path, but then noticed that just following the optimal path makes you go just as fast as trying to miss something and altering yourself a bit :P

    Missing a ring clears your ENTIRE boost bar (you move at a snail speed without boost) and adds 1 second to your time. Basically a run killer :P You could do pretty damn well still if you only missed one towards the end or something, but unlikely that I could get a time like this with any misses.

  • United States Simon Kirk

    What happens if you miss a ring?

  • United States Simon Kirk

    I'd like to see you do it without hitting any logs.

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