Fastest Time For A 70-Year-Old To Complete 1000 Push-Ups

Canada Flavio Codarin


Montreal, Quebec, Canada / August 22, 2011

70-year-old Flavio Codarin competed 1000 push-ups in 26 minutes, 1.00 second.

- must provide video evidence
- must observe RecordSetter push-up criteria


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  • United States Delfin J

    Delfin J

    I'm 71 and I have done 105 continuous pushups.

  • United States Ken


    I am 73 years old and in the Police Academy in 1979 I did 132 REAL pushups in 2 minutes. Real is when you are going down you would have a fist to touch with your chest then back up where you actually lock your arms. Nothing half baked. I still do 1,000 every other day along with the same amount of sit ups. It's not B.S. I just have always worked out since high school. Weighed 210 coming out of Phoenix Regional Academy and weigh 210 today. This guy isn't doing push ups in my opinion but he is doing something which is great.

  • New Zealand John Rippon

    John Rippon

    Fit, yes but need a standard depth to make this sort of record claim valid and challengeable. For example, a common criterion is for chest to touch an object about fist width high on the floor. Do those for maximum reps without resting and I'm on for a challenge 😉

  • United States Robert F

    Robert F

    Those aren’t push ups. He’s only kidding himself!

  • United States Joe


    I dispute this record, his form was horrible and he didn't go parallel.

    • United States Delfin J

      Delfin J

      BS 132 in 2 minutes,impossible.

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