Largest Collection Of Kool-Aid Fun Points

United States

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Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States / March 21, 2010

Isabella Ardhuerumly has a collection of 549Kool-Aid Fun Points.

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  • The Internet Bob Weaver

    Funny how the current record is being questioned about point total but old record holder just showed a bunch of Kool aid packs and was given the record with no questions or challenges to proof and if this is all about proof then why did you award Isabella the title then ask for more proof if your the president then it should never have been allowed.

  • United States Isabella Ardhuerumly

    the picture we sent was a video why dont you post the correct pictures? if you look at them with such great detail why isnt it working?

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Hi Weaver765. Apologies if I've upset you. I am in fact the president of URDB, and look closely at every single submission before it gets posted on our site. Though the records in our database are often fun and frivolous, we treat accuracy seriously. Timed records are re-timed, counted records are re-counted, and so forth before they're verified as URDB world records. The intent of my comments wasn't to hurt Isabella's feelings or question the truthfulness of the submission. I just think a video and/or photos that show her accurately counting the precise number of points would be a much richer way of proving her accomplishment. It will prove her awesomeness without any question whatsoever, and raise the bar of difficulty for future competitors in this category. Dan

  • The Internet Bob Weaver

    WOW drollman how much proof do you need would it be pleasing to you if the just put you in charge of verifying every summation so you can slam people....why not give people some credit for running a creditable site.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    I have complete faith she does in fact have the points. Just think we need to instill criteria that forces people to provide foolproof evidence of their claim. Right now this video doesn't do that. Would be stoked to post photos and/or additional videos to prove the accurate count. Kool-Aid!

  • United States Isabella Ardhuerumly

    I submitted video and still images they decided to put this pic up. not me. drollman i can send you the video. don't hate on a 10 yr old. she really has the points.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Both submissions in this category lack sufficient evidence. Let's create criteria for this category that submissions must accurately count on the points on video or through still images.

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