Largest Collection Of Fighting Genre Video Games

United States Paul Kownacki

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Columbus, Ohio, United States / March 5, 2016

Paul K. has 310 fighting genre video games in his collection.

- original packaging and instructions not required
- games later released as freeware are counted if the original physical release is present
- each title must be counted once only; multiple copies of the same game on the same format will not count
- copy of the same title on different systems or platforms may be counted
- may only count games that are on a physical medium that was commercially available; games that were pirated or purchased via digital distribution is not permissible
- arcade boards not attached to an arcade unit permitted
- game must have a primary focus on single, close range combat between two or more opponents of equal or near equal capability; victory conditions are met by defeating opponent
- game must allow two or more players to directly compete against each other
- game must not be meant as a simulation of an actual sanctioned sporting event (boxing, MMA, wrestling, etc.)
- games that include a "versus" mode will be counted as long as it falls under above conditions


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  • United States Paul Kownacki

    Paul Kownacki

    Some notes. First, I'm sure someone has a larger collection... I just want to see how I stand up.

    Second, while the rules get cleaned up, I should point out what "fighting game" means for this record:

    1. A video or computer game with the primary focus on single, close range combat between two or more opponets of equal or near equal capability. Victory conditions are met by defeating the opponents.

    2. The game is not ment as a simulation of an actual sactioned sporting event (boxing, MMA, wrestling, etc.).

    3. Games that inclde a "verus" mode will count as long as that mode falls under the above conditions.

    More then willing to answer any other questions.

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