Largest Collection Of Lip Cosmetics

United States Ashley

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Lansing, Michigan, United States / February 17, 2013

Ashley has 2,000 cosmetic products for lips in her collection.

- only cosmetic products specifically for lips are counted
- products may be new or used
- must provide video evidence


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  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Impressive collection, Ashley. A couple questions: 1. Did you count exactly 2,000? 2. Are you allowed multiples of a product, or just one item per product?

    • United States Ashley


      I have not counted since a year and it was 2,000 then. I have baught many since also. There really isn't a double product here. A lot of the same brand, different colors or flavors.

    • United States lilyluvslipbalms


      Were do you keep all these lip products??? Im going for the record but I only have 300 lip products so im soo far away!!! I wish to have as much as u

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      Dan Rollman

      Ashley - If you ever beat your own record, I'd encourage you to document in a more concise manner: group your items into piles of 10 and clearly count through the total number of piles.

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