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Coldest High Five

United States Greg Harrell-Edge

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San Francisco, California, United States / April 20, 2011

Greg Harrell-Edge and Dave Penndrof gave each other a high five with the temperatures of their hands averaging 15 degrees Fahrenheit. The duo set the record to celebrate National High Five Day.

- measurement based on weather conditions or temperature in which hands were chilled
- palms must connect and make an audible slap sound
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Tai Star

    Tai Star

    someone in a cold climate or in a walk-in freezer should totally break this

  • Philippines MaAnn P.

    MaAnn P.

    I agree with Rob. This would be more valid if you guys use a thermometer showing us the exact measure of temperature

  • United States Rob Birdsong

    Rob Birdsong

    Would love to see a thermometer in this clip. Seems like a guesstimation. Anyone else feeling this?

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