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Most Catches While Juggling Two Balls In One Hand And Hanging From The Other

United States Pete Moyer

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Hillsboro, Illinois, United States / December 23, 2011

Pete Moyer completed 13 catches while juggling two balls in one hand and using the other hand to hang from a pole.

- must catch each ball before releasing
- may only use one hand for support
- must use a single hand to juggle
- no outside support permitted
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Pete Moyer

    Pete Moyer

    If you think that that's your opinion. I think it's gonna be hard for you to leave. This site's done a lot for you. It's gotten you a good deal of attention as I know it has for me. I don't see any "mean spirited people" on this site honestly. Sure, "competitive" but not mean spirited.

  • United States Pete Moyer

    Pete Moyer

    Ma-Ann, thanks! Brian, c'mon. Seriously? I can't tell if you're serious about leaving this site or not. Why? This record is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be especially since it's cold outside still. I'll reattempt it later. I invite you to try to beat it though.

  • United States Brian Pankey

    Brian Pankey

    Ma-ann this is not awesome at all!

  • Philippines MaAnn Pacion

    MaAnn Pacion

    This is awesome! great job pete

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