Highest Raw Egg Drop Caught With Bare Hands

Netherlands Jelle Dusseldorp

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Limburg, Maastricht, Netherlands / December 14, 2011

Jelle Dusseldorp caught a raw egg that was dropped from a height of 12 meters (39.37 feet).

- egg must be caught with bare hands
- egg must remain unbroken when caught
- must break egg on video to prove it's raw
- must measure height on video
- must follow same form as current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Tai Star

    Tai Star

    jake and josh beat this record with 42 ft

  • United States Bob


    Umm did it ever occur to anyone that the video did not show him catching it he could have easyly switched for a egg in his pocket fast and cracked that egg...... Just saying

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