Largest Cat Whisker Collection

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Largest Cat Whisker Collection

United States Heather Ashley Fox

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Orem, Utah, United States / March 20, 2009

Heather Ashley Fox owns the world’s largest collection of cat whiskers. Over the past eight years, she’s accumulated 310 of them at her home in Orem, Utah.

The whiskers were photographed and counted on March, 31 2009. Annette Fox was present as a witness


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  • United States Linda Nitzschke

    Linda Nitzschke

    Sorry, Heather, but I have at least 2429 of them (it took hours to count them all, and I counted them in groups of 10, but sometimes I couldn't remember if I had marked certain groups of 10 I didn't count those 10, in order to not double up or erroneously add more to the collection that I actually have). Here's some of that article (the whole article isn't available for viewing anymore, it seems).

    • United States tyler fryberg

      tyler fryberg

      Why don't you enter them as a record instead of talking about them

  • United States john smith

    john smith

    I'm at five now but ripping them off the cats is really hard. Any suggestions how to be more efficient?

  • United States Paul Castonguay

    Paul Castonguay

    You have quite a collection >^.^

  • United States PeteM


    How do you get these? Do you get them off of dead cats or are there live cats that like a good whisker tugging/cutting?

  • well, that's a nice cat name: Booger.

  • it is fairly frequent and if collected over a long enough period of time you can accumulate many without harming any cats

  • I have a collection of iver 650 whiskers

  • Canada Rick Ling

    Rick Ling

    The cats were: Booger, Pusskin, Rang, Seti, Leo, and Sam. They most often lived in pairs as each got older (for companionship) over the last 30 years, and that is the time line for the collection, as well (30 years). They were, and are, all faithful companions and family.

  • Whiskers fall off occasionally (it's normal). How many cats provided whiskers for his collection? How long is the longest one? Shortest one? How long did he take to collect all of them? start/finish? Why collect whiskers? Baby kitty teeth are the hardest to collect as people rarely ever see those. I don't collect either.

  • United States Daniel Nodal

    Daniel Nodal

    creepy, but cool, at least it took the previous record holder 8 years to accumulate....., unique collectors lol

  • are cats being harmed!? how often do cat whiskers fall off?

  • I'm so glad to see this!! I have only a small collection of cat whiskers, 15 or so. But my family thinks its really weird.... I feel vindicated. Kudos to you both, Heide and Heather!!

  • United States Dina R.

    Dina R.

    This makes me queasy.

  • That's just creepy.

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