Fastest Time To Build A Weapon With A Pen, Rubber Band And Scissors While Being Hit By Simulated Snowballs


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Ajax, Ontario, Canada / March 20, 2010

Ryan Cruise made a weapon out of a pen, rubber band and scissors while being hit by simulated snowballs in 6.13 seconds.


Tags: speedpenrubber bandscissorweapon

  • I could have just get a scissor and take it as a weapon.

  • the guy should have been more specififc

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    I don't think this video follow the spirit of the original submission. Attaching a pen to a pair of scissors with a rubber band feels like a weak attempt. I vehemently vote we deny this submission.

  • go the horde cap :D

  • dig by incubus= amazingness....yeah i hear it in the background

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